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At Monkfish, we find that many of our customers are uncertain as to whether they should cancel, postpone or hold already planned events. Of course, this is completely understandable in these unusual and uncertain times.


At Monkfish, we are creative and see lots of opportunities in these impossible times. We are therefore at your disposal to share ideas and find solutions on how to rethink the format of a planned event.


With the headline “Together – Separately”, Monkfish has devised a strong digital set-up, which contains lots of smart technical functions wrapped in a beautiful aesthetic look that can be customized according to your wishes and needs.



Among our clients, we at Monkfish are known for arranging events that are innovative, have a creative concept and, not least, have a certain aesthetic. Naturally this is something we would never compromise, despite us only being able to meet virtually now. 


It can be a challenge to keep the audience engaged at a virtual event or meeting. Therefore, we also suggest that the professional content be combined with interactivity and creative features.


For example, it could be an exciting and relevant lecture with subsequent Q&A, live polls, quiz, bingo, teambuilding-separately, concert, cooking-/chocolate puff-/cocktail- or ceramics course, where we send out at kit in advance to all participants.


We have a lot of good collaborators and experts who are available, as well as a studio that can be transformed as needed.


At a virtual event, it is crucial that the technology functions perfectly. That is why we offer a system that can easily be integrated with social platforms, websites and apps.

Interactivity in the form of live chat, word clouds, polls etc.


Attendees can request speaking time, after which the moderator can connect the attendees with both audio and video from their own computer/tablet or telephone.


The options are limitless!


If you are interested in hearing more, then don’t hesitate to contact Rikke Salling at either +45 20105910 or

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