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Whether we are doing a conference, a fair, an awards ceremony or a social event, it all begins with a question. Or several questions. Necessary questions. Because we need to know and understand the purpose of your event before we can tell you how it should be carried out.


What is the purpose? What do we want to say? Who do we want to appeal to?


We are good at asking the questions that result in the necessary answers. They are the very building blocks of the concept and universe that not only solve the task you assign to us, but also surprises and challenges both you and your guests. Because an event should not be predictable, and most definitely never boring. It is important to surprise and engage the guests so that their senses are awakened, as this is the only way they will be receptive to the new products, messages, people and impressions that are being presented to them. And then they will leave the event feeling both wiser and more satisfied than when they came.

The Concept

All aspects must be connected. From the participants being invited, building anticipation and piquing their curiosity. Till they are received at the entrance, hear the first presentation, are introduced to the new product, participate in a workshop, and right until the last goodbye. It has to be an experience where all elements are interconnected from start to finish, both in message and style. Those are the kinds of experiences that have the most lasting effect afterwards and makes the day worth the investment. We have immense experience in creating this connection in content and form, and we are not afraid to share it.

Talents and Skills

A good idea only has value if it is well-executed. So good planning, thoroughness, attention to detail and, not least, complete overview of the running of the event is a must. Our enthusiastic and competent project managers are in charge of this, and with assistance from our AD/Concept Developer and Event Stylist, we also develop all graphic material, make presentations, are in charge of print, produce film, and all the styling that the event may need. With our many years of experience, we also know the most talented, innovative and reliable suppliers of registration systems, transportation, AV and technology, construction, catering, and everything else that is needed. Not least the crew. We have hand-picked them to ensure that they are competent, energetic, accommodating, and determined. Precisely as everyone else here at Monkfish.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Who we are

We are few and many at the same time. In the office, there is at least 8 of us each day, and we represent 20 years of experience from the accounting-, advertising- and event industry.


That means we know how to calculate, think and execute. And furthermore, we are exactly as many as are required. 

What do we do

We are a company that specializes in events, fairs and conferences, where timing, quality and precision are crucial.


Not only on paper but also in reality.

What can we do

We will know our own limitations the day we face them. Of course we can’t do everything, e.g. fly.


But we have a justified belief that when we committ to something, there aren’t many who can outperform us. 

Crew delivers

Where is “this”? When is “that”? What’s on the buffet? Where is the toilet? And why is it raining?


Our crew has to take a lot of questions into consideration, and do it with their heads held high and with endless patience. Because the job requires taking responsibility and being visible in a beautiful, useful and smiling way. That is the attitude they bring to work each day. 


And that is the attitude you thank for afterwards.



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